Join us in our Slow Lent Challenge

Slow Down, Save the Planet gives you a daily challenge, prayer or reflection. Some might need you to plan ahead, so you can download the whole booklet as a pdf, or click on the dates below to see the challenge.

Daily Challenges

Wednesday 26th Febuary

It's Ash Wednesday - Attend an Ash Wednesday service at a local church.

Thursday 27th February

Look ahead through the activities and book into a Quiet Day or event.

Friday 28th February

Read Luke chapter 13 verses 6 - 9, then read the reflection 'Let Alone For One More Year' (which can be found here)

Saturday 29th February

It's Leap Day! Try eating only Vegetarian or Vegan meals today to celebrate lambs leaping.

Sunday 1st March

Feast Day - Invite others to share a meal with you.

Monday 2nd March

Turn off and unplug all unused power sockets, thinking especially about devicies on standby and phone chargers.

Tuesday 3rd March

Find out more about the work of Christian Aid, particularly their work tackling climate change.

Wednesday 4th March

Turn your heating down by 1 degree. Over a year, this could save you 10% on your energy bills and reduce your carbon emissions.

Thursday 5th March

Pray a prayer of Thanksgiving for Creation. If you'd like help, you can find a prayer at here

Friday 6th March

Read Matthew chapter 19 verses 13 - 15, then read the reflection 'A Little Child Will Lead Them' ( which can be found here).

Saturday 7th March

Today is The Joint Public Issues Team Conference - Renewal and Rebellion Book a ticket to attend ( If you can't make it, watch the live stream or pray for those attending

Sunday 8th March

Feast Day - Enjoy some time today in a green space, it could be your garden, a local park or go out into the countryside.

Monday 9th March

Take time to go to a local coffee shop and drink in rather than take away.

Tuesday 10th March

Read Luke chapter 15 verses 11 - 32, then read the reflection 'The Prodigal Son - A Retelling' (which can be found here)

Wednesday 11th March

Find out more about Operation Noah.

Thursday 12th March

Look at the cleaning products you use - could you find more eco-friendly ones? Or ones that use less single-use plastic?

Friday 13th March

Pray a prayer for the whole world to commit to caring for Creation. If you'd like help, you can find a prayer here.

Saturday 14th March

Make a Bug Hotel. Workshop will be run at Chapel in the Fields ( at 10am, 12noon and 2pm. Contact email to book. If you can't get to the workshop, you can find instructions here.

Sunday 15th March

Feast Day - Prepare all today's meals from locally sourced produce.

Monday 16th March

Find out more about Friends of the Earth.

Tuesday 17th March

Don't use your car today - go by foot or use public transport.

Wednesday 18th March

Pray a prayer for Climate Refugees. If you'd like help, you can find a prayer here

Thursday 19th March

Go litter picking - fill a bag from local streets. See if you can recycle any.

Friday 20th March

Read John chapter 19 verses 26 - 27, then read the reflection 'Jesus says 'I Thirst'' ( which can be found here)

Saturday 21st March

Plant a tree or shrub in a garden.

Sunday 22nd March

Feast Day - It's Mothering Sunday - give someone Fairtrade Chocolate.

Monday 23rd March

Research a renewable energy supplier for your home and/or church.

Tuesday 24th March

Read Genesis chapter 1, then read the reflection 'Created for Relationships' (which can be found here)

Wednesday 25th March

Have a clear out - take one bag of unwanted items to a charity shop.

Thursday 26th March

It's Presbyteral Synod - Challenge your minister to go by Public Transport or car share.

Friday 27th March

Find out more about the work of Greenpeace.

Saturday 28th March

Attend the Quiet Day at Chapel in the Fields ( Email to book If you can't attend, spend an hour in silent reflection at home.

Sunday 29th March

Feast Day - It's Passion Sunday - Spend the afternoon reading a book.

Monday 30th March

Spend some time today counting your blessings, thanking God for every good think that has happened in the past weeks.

Tuesday 31st March

Read Mark chapter 6 verses 31 - 44, then read the reflection 'The Bread of Life and the Breadless Life' (which can be found here)

Wednesday 1st April

Find out more about the work of Christian Climate Action.

Thursday 2nd April

Look at how you can be an Ethical Consumer.

Friday 3rd April

Attend the Slow Down for Lent Open Mic evening at Chapel in the Fields . Book tickets here If you can't make it, spend some time listening to your favourite music.

Saturday 4th April

Do a virtual prayer walk. In your imagination, walk to your church and pray for the places you go past – the businesses, schools, churches, playground. Pray for homes, people who work in the area.

Sunday 5th April

Feast Day - It's Palm Sunday - plant some seeds for Spring.

Monday 6th April

Spend some time praying for Local Councillors and other decision-makers as the respond to new situations.

Tuesday 7th April

Read the reflection 'A Litergical Perspective on Climate Change' (which can be found here)

Wednesday 8th April

Pray a prayer of repentance over your misuse of Creation. If you'd like help, you can find a prayer at here

Thursday 9th April

Today is Maundy Thursday - give some money to an ecological charity of your choice.

Friday 10th April

It's Good Friday - reflect on how you could change your habits following the actions you have taken through the Slow Lent challenge.

Saturday 11th April

Have the day off from Slow Lent challenges.

Sunday 12th April

Celebrate Easter by giving someone a Real Easter Egg.

Slow Down, Save the Planet is being funded by the Manchester and Stockport Methodist District

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