Prayer for Climate Refgees

Wed 18th March

Listen to the track Myela by Nick Mulvey in the video

As you listen to this song about refugees – imagine being forced to leave your home because of wildfires, raising sea levels or lack of food and water…


Every year since 2008, 26.4 million people are forced to leave their homes due to severe weather events such as flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes and droughts. [Help Refugees - Sept 2019]

Hold in your heart those for whom this is a reality.


Hear their voices…


‘Oh, help me in my hopelessness and free me from the cage of civilization

Save me from my selfishness and my indifference to my neighbour’


Hear the word of Jesus in the plea of the refugees…


‘I am your neighbour, you are my neighbour’


As the track ends let us offer this prayer…

Forgive our 

indifference to your creation,

our disregarded to your command to love our neighbours,

and our hostility to welcoming strangers.


May we hold, climate refugees in our hearts,

and our leaders to account.


Offer a welcome, those who seek security,

and not those who deny the climate emergency.


Support, those who raise their voices in defence of creation,

and not those individuals and corporations whose selfish ambition

drives people from their homes.


Slow Down, Save the Planet is being funded by the Manchester and Stockport Methodist District

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