About the Slow Lent Challenge

God’s creation is groaning under our stewardship and modern life is lived at breakneck speed. 

Thank you for taking time to explore Slow Down, Save The Planet, the Manchester & Stockport Methodist District Slow Lent challenge. 

By slowing down and taking stock each day in Lent we aim to help you think, act and pray for God’s creation. For each day you will find an activity to encourage you to take stock of your response to the Climate Emergency we find ourselves in. One day you may be asked to pray, on another to take a small action, on another to reflect or on another to involve yourself in a campaign.

However, God’s creation is not just for Lent, the aim is that the activities become habit-forming and lead onto other ways to live as good stewards beyond lent.

To start read ahead through the challenges as some may need planning e.g. booking onto a quiet day. Others can be more spontaneous or reflective.

To save paper (and the planet!) all the resources are available online. We recognise that not everyone has access to the internet but hope that within Church communities’ people will be able to share access via tablets etc or printing out copies where needed.

Thanks for taking time, slowing down and loving God’s global gift.

Slow Down, Save the Planet is being funded by the Manchester and Stockport Methodist District

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