Prayer of Repentance over your misuse of Creation

Wed 8th April

God Who Created All Things Good, we come in sorrow for the ways in which we have made too many things bad.

You provided plenty – enough water, enough food, enough space – if we all took just what we needed, not all that we wanted. We are sorry for our greed, and especially for the ways that those of us in the West decided that our needs were more important than those from other countries and culture. Forgive us for the sins of Colonialism, of Empire and of not taking responsibility for the difficult situations we have left as our inheritance in places like Africa, the Middle East and India.


You made human beings to be in relationship with each other and with You. We have abused one another in so many settings – family life, friendships, neighbourhoods and nationally. As we fight for control of resources or land, we have spoilt your world, leaving a legacy of pollution, undetonated mines and bombs that make the soil unfit for farming.


You gave human beings the gift of creativity and imagination, but we have used these gifts to build weapons, engineering projects that wreck nature instead of working with her, and manufacturing processes that ruin lives and livelihoods. Brains plot more ways to gain from the land and the riches beneath it, instead of working for peace and justice.


God Who Created All Things Good, release our potential for the coming of Your Kingdom, not ours. Continue to work in and through us, and all of humanity. Make our spears into ploughshares, bend our wills until they yearn for your justice, open our eyes to see your vision. 


We ask this in the name of Jesus, whose life revealed all that is good. Amen.

Slow Down, Save the Planet is being funded by the Manchester and Stockport Methodist District

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